Great products for great people

Acme Level is one of the biggest  Eco-friendly Company which Manufactures  Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products, Paper Products such as Tissue Paper , Paper Bags  with a focus on Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Construction, Automotive and Marine Industries.


"Our Team aims to provide the best products, the best individual service, and the most competitive prices to each and every customer, every visit and where community, family values and morals are the center  of our business growth and success."

The Company offers customers a range of private label products across the value, premium and ultra-premium market segments.


Our mission is:

To protect and improve the environment as a valuable asset for the people. To protect our people and the environment from harmful effects of radiation and pollution.

We are committed to working with area businesses, community groups and our neighbors  to improve the place we live in and do business by implementing environmental projects that benefit our community socially and economically.

Our vision is:

A clean, healthy and well protected environment supporting a sustainable society and economy.

Efficient use of natural resources to minimize waste generation through efforts that include recycling, innovation, and prevention of pollution.

Our values are:

·         We are a trusted, independent and authoritative advocate for the environment.

·         We make objective decisions based on the best available scientific evidence and information.

·         We manage our resources effectively and efficiently to deliver value to the public,

·         We regulate in a fair, proportionate and transparent manner and target those who don't comply.

·         We make a difference by working with others to build trust, networks and partnerships to deliver effective outcomes.

·         We strive continuously for improvement and excellence through learning and development.

·         We are innovative, adaptive and open to new and flexible ways of working.

·         We design and deliver services from the citizen's point of view.

·         We provide our services in a manner that is competent, courteous and responsive.

·         We work together to deliver effective outcomes.

·         We support, trust and value our colleagues and empower each other to make decisions.

·         We are open and honest with each other.

·         We constructively challenge and encourage each other to do better.